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Success passions

Implementing your plans at the right time brings out the beauty of your destiny. Knowing fully well that you are born with a purpose is not enough to drive your passion.

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Applications are requested from suitable and qualified candidates for 2017/2018 MBBS (Medicine & Surgery).

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Reaching Your Goals

The space between you and your future is linked by your actions now. One of the best ways to have a greater tomorrow is to make good preparations for it today.

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Living Abroad & Campus Life

Our long-term experienced, volunteer, expatriate on lifestyle outside one’s own country has make use developed relevant information for our client. We will like you to know that you will need to prepare yourself not only on financial aids alone but as well psychologically. It will interest you to know that most often life outside your country is different most especially in areas such as religious believe, ethics and cultural background.


Abroad life; be it study, work or tourist globally requires a proper idea and awareness of where you are going. Your need to get right information from appropriate sources in order to ensure adequate and proper mindfulness of what you are about to experience. Expatriate resource guides for Transitions Abroad—describe the lure of life overseas for the estimated of personal activities and main purpose abroad. We provide our preferences on things that are highly relevant in our estimation, for those contemplating making the move for a new life.

Other columns providing tips and answers to your essential questions on living abroad and expatriate issues could be acquired directly from our offices/representatives.

Don’t Leave Home without a proper money Plan: Thinking of Living Abroad? One of the major and most essential factors you need to consider is financial aids and backups. You will definitely be faced with situations where you have to spend even on what you are not prepared for; therefore, care has to be taken in making a wise choice in the right thing to buy. Smartness will go a long way in helping you to make wise decisions but self-discipline is inevitable. In order to make your new environment a lovely and convenient haven you have to make proper and adequate monetary plans.

“Many People make the mistakes of getting to their destination before rethinking what they’re going to with their lives” this is not the best way to plan for a “successful or convenient life abroad” it is better you make the right decision now. “Many people fantasize our ideas about “proper way of living abroad” and now they’re taking advantage of the situation.” You could join the rail as well. But before you start pricing plane tickets, take stock of the financial implications of leaving the country. Going abroad without a financial plan could have disastrous consequences, from failing to find affordable housing to being unable to return home quickly in an emergency.

Don’t fail to take the long view at the outset and make a right plan on your trip/trips; you could experience surprising financial complications upon failing to plan well. Consider these things and acquire a sustainable financial tips or aids in order to make most of your overseas experience.

Campus Life

Campus life is like a background/playground of your educational activities. It could be liken to platform upon which you have to stand and learn throughout your study time in your university. With this essential things relating to campus we therefore ensure that our clients/students get the best in their respective universities.


Being an international student in country outside your home town is an unforgettable and immensely rewarding experience. You will not only witness fascinating and transformational time but will be able to empower yourself and enrich your understanding.


You’ll meet and interact with people from all over the world as well giving you and opportunity to enhance and integrate your personal relation skills. Over the years we have heard testimonies from our students of success friendship and enjoying moments with their contemporaries within and outside the campus.  Many international students take advantage of the two long holidays in an academic year (each lasting one to two months) to travel around the country to have fulltime enjoying moments.


For most people, homesickness is an unavoidable part of living abroad, but you’ll almost certainly find that the benefits vastly outweigh the costs, and like many foreigners before you, you may well end up with looking for excuses to stay in your new environment because it’s a promising moment of success!






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