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Success passions

Implementing your plans at the right time brings out the beauty of your destiny. Knowing fully well that you are born with a purpose is not enough to drive your passion.

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Applications are requested from suitable and qualified candidates for 2017/2018 MBBS (Medicine & Surgery).

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Reaching Your Goals

The space between you and your future is linked by your actions now. One of the best ways to have a greater tomorrow is to make good preparations for it today.

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Admissions and Visa process

Once you have been issued Admission letter by the University and Jw202 (invitation letter) by the Government , It is mandatory by Supreme Success Ltd to ensure that the documents are shipped/sent to you irrespective of your location. Immediately you receive the documents you are required to apply a Visa at the consulate/embassy of your residence.

In the meantime, you have to prepare all the documents for the visa as required by the embassy; you must be free of any criminal record and be medical fit. Beside this, you are also requested to have an adequate financially support either by yourself or by a sponsor. The followings are the documents required to be presented to the embassy.

Required for Study Visa of China X1 or X2                                                                              

1. Original high school certificate. e.g Waec, Neco or its equivalent
3. Valid Passport (note less than 2 years before expiration)
4. Original jw202 (Invitation Letter)
5. Original Admission Letter
6. Original physical examination and medical report.
7. 4 copies passport size photographs.
8. Filled visa application form.

9. 2 Photo copies each of all these documents.

After all these documents have been provided to the embassy, an interview date will be given and Visa issued to you. At this time, you are set to travel for a life-time experience. Booking your flight and then making necessary preparations is your next step. You may refer to our services on the top icon for guideline in booking your flight. Our official representative will pick you up from the airport for an arrival lunch/dinner depending on your arrival time; necessary registration will begin from that point. Congratulations as you take your steps to a better you.







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